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Kelly F. –
Corey is THE man! Awesome service at great prices. He’s the only person that touches my BMW 745i.

Richard W. –
I have used Corey’s German Auto Repair several times over the last year for preventative maintenance and repairs on my 98 BMW 5 series. Corey rebuilt my suspension system and coolant system, and for repairs he rebuilt my engine after I had an unfortunate problem of water getting in the engine. In each case, the work was superior; he is an expert with BMW’s. His rates are affordable and, to top it off, the customer service is top notch! Highly recommended.

Greg M. –
I have been a customer of Corey Mar for a number of years for repairs to my classic BMW 750 series and my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have found Corey to be a very knowledgeable, competent and honest automotive technician. My BMW does require a step up in general and complex repairs, all of which were expertly done by Corey, including my Grand Cherokee. I would not hesitate to come to him for my automotive repair needs.

Curt –
We have an older BMW 325, as a “commuter car” that has been real in need of a going-over; it had several miscellaneous warning lights that would flicker, or come on steady even though the system had been checked (as in oil quantity, not pressure). Corey was able to chase down each item, and fixed whatever other malfunctions he discovered along the way, including a dark instrument panel that had been annoying. From a customer point of view, this might sound scary until you understand his labor rates are much lower, and his depth of knowledge much greater, than your run-of-the-mill shop or dealership. He was able to fix some components, not just order and toss in new ones. When a replacement part was necessary, he looks on eBay or wherever else he can find one at a bargain. It might take a few extra days for that sort of thing, but the work can be scheduled, and you can drop the car after the parts arrive. In our case, I estimate the total bill was about a third of what it might have been at a dealership. I believe Corey to be a genuine enthusiast: meaning he likes cars, has a wide set of skills in their repair, and is a nice guy. Don’t be shocked that he is a relatively young man. He knows what he’s doing. I’ll be taking our other cars to him as well when they need it.

Faith L. –
Thanks for fixing my BMW X3. Here is my testimonial and you can post it to your web site.
“Being a beamer owner, I would highly recommend all the German / European cars owners come visit Corey once your cars have exceeded the warrant period with car dealers where you bought your cars. Do not ever go back to those dealers to fix / check / maintain your cars.  Their services will rip you off and leave you with the feeling of being manipulated and screwed. Give Corey a chance to fix your cars and you will be amazed at his skills level, his knowledge about cars, and his honesty to give the estimation at very reasonable prices.”

Greg ‎ –
An honest shop with great prices. My transmission was really acting up (making noise and shifting roughly), and after going to several places (including AAMCO, who wanted to charge me thousands to rebuild the transmission), I ran into an ad on craigslist for this shop. Long story short, all that was really needed to be done was change the transmission fluid. All of the problems are gone, and the car runs like it’s new again. Prices here are also excellent. Took me a while to drive out there, but was well worth it for the prices and honesty. Highly recommended. I will be taking my car there for any and all work that needs done in the future. If you own an Audi and are tired of being shafted with insane prices, give this guy a call and he’ll sort you out. Thanks for reading.


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