San Diego’s Mobile BMW Mechanic

Why choose a mobile mechanic over a regular repair shop?  Why wouldn’t you!  Many people have the misconception that just because someone is a mobile mechanic, then that means the quality of their work will not be on par with that of a traditional repair shop.  With my service, that’s just not the case.


I can be your mobile BMW tech!

I have a host of dealer level diagnostic equipment specifically for BMW and Audi/Porsche/VW.  I can even do some things the dealer can’t, such as coding and programming used replacement computers and control modules.  At the dealer you are forced to buy brand new ones, and the cost can often run into the thousands.  A great example is servicing failed DSC traction control modules on many late 90’s 3 series and 5 series BMWs.  If you were to go to the local San Diego BMW dealer, you would spend a lot of money on a new computer.  But as a mobile mechanic with the right tools, I am able to find a much cheaper used computer, and erase and code it for your car.  Total price is usually under $600, compared to well over $1000 for new.  Cost savings are just another benefit of going with a mobile BMW mechanic here in San Diego.


mobile mechanic working on bmw in san diego


When you take your car to a regular shop, you have to take time out of your busy schedule to bring your car in, arrange for a ride to and from the shop, and then wait to find out what needs done and how much it will cost.  When you choose a mobile mechanic the technician comes to you and can work around your schedule.  Your vehicle never leaves your home, so you can be sure it is safe and not being joy ridden.  Also you will know for a fact that your vehicle is being worked on immediately, and not sitting in a shop bay for days on end.

There really isn’t much that can’t be done in a mobile setting.  Tune ups, brakes, suspension work, pretty much anything.  I have even removed and replaced BMW engines and transmissions, and even BMW N62 valve stem seals and coolant transfer pipes.  Obviously if you need a whole engine removed, it’s a little more involved of a process, and I usually have to rent and bring out an engine hoist, but it’s doable.  Things like head gaskets and transmissions aren’t bad at all, as a mobile mechanic I do them all the time, they just take a little longer than the more basic auto repair services.

The more options you have the better.  Even if you don’t always choose to use a mobile mechanic, the benefit of having one available to you, who you can trust, is a great asset to have.  Not to mention, one who can provide service to you on par with the dealer in most cases.  I can even use all original parts directly from the dealer if that is something important for you to have.  I know that for many BMW owners, this is a must, and I agree the quality of original BMW parts is often a step above the rest, although I can usually source the same brand of parts they use at a fraction of the cost.

Honestly, as a mechanic, I can tell you that you really are the winner for this type of service.  You get quality service, don’t have to drive anywhere, and pay less.  Not to mention, I don’t even charge for the trip, (time it takes to drive to and from your home) which really adds up when you factor in the size of the area I serve.

I service the San Diego area, but I am usually willing to travel as far as Escondido, Oceanside, Carlsbad, and El Cajon.  Click here to schedule BMW service.